Alsea School District

PO Box B
301 3rd St. google_map
Alsea, Oregon 97324

Phone: 541.487.4305    |    Fax: 541.487.4089   

Name Email Title
Clay, Sandy Music Teacher
Cohen, Max Varsity Football Coach
Cowdrey, Tori Special Education Teacher
DeFever, Angie Educational Assistant
Dunbar, Rose Bus Driver
Ellis, Catherine Middle School/Fine Arts Teacher
Elbers, Keenan Maintenance Supervisor
Faris, Lisa 1st/2nd Grade Teacher
Hendrix, Jackie Secretary
Hendrix, Ricki PE/Health Teacher & Coach
Jacobsen, Angela Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach
Jordan, Joy Lead MS Volleyball Coach
Lauer, Tara Educational Assistant
Littlefield, Sara Educational Assistant
Lynch, Skip Science Teacher
Martin, Carmen Transportation Supervisor
McKibben, Chris Math
Miller, Betsy Kindergarten Teacher
Moser, Anna 5th/6th Grade Teacher
O’Brien, Mary Educational Assistant
Olsen, Holly Title I Teacher
Olsen, Jan Educational Assistant
Rice, Shanon Educational Assistant/Cheer Advisor
Rusen, John Custodian
Russell, Pamela Educational Assistant
Sapp, Katie Deputy Clerk/Varsity Volleyball Coach
Schreiber, Tiffany Head Secretary/Athletic Director
Stanton, Tracy 3rd/4th Grade Teacher
Steckler, Rozeanne Director of Student Services
Templeman, Dorothea Preschool Teacher
Terriere, Jordan English Teacher
Thalman, Terri-Anne Library
Thielman, Marc Superintendent/Principal
Ulm, Mirium Preschool Teacher
Valencia, Rosie Food Services Coordinator
Zwicker, Kirt Custodian
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Alsea School District | 301 South 3rd Street, Alsea, OR 97324 | (541) 487-4305 [phone] (541) 487-4089 [fax]

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